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Effortless Solutions for Growing Taller

Effortless Solutions For Growing TallerExercise, is undoubtedly the key to adding those precious inches to your stature, to make yourself taller, happier, and confident. Certain yoga poses have been designed specifically for spinal growth and curvature improvement. Stretching to grow taller is the most effective way to increase height. However, some of them could be strenuous for those who have just climbed the exercise bandwagon. Hence, given below are some simple stretching exercises to increase height.

Tadasana (Mountain pose):
This pose is very effortless and easy. It increases flexibility, and strengthens the spine, legs and arms. If practiced on a daily basis it can help in increasing height.

You should stand straight with your feet together, spine straight, with your hands sideways and palms facing the thighs. Join your palms, inhale deeply and while doing so, lengthen your spine, and stretch them above your head. Lift up your heels and balance yourself on your toes. Make sure you stretch your body as much as possible. Return to the first position. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

Tree pose:
This stretching exercise is equally simple, and if practiced on a regular basis, can help to increase height effectively. You should stand straight with your feet together, making sure that your spinal column isn’t hunched. Join your hands together in a Namaste gesture and stretch them over your head, Then bend you right leg, lift it and place it in such a way that its sole is positioned inwards on your left thigh. Close your eyes and maintain this posture. Repeat the same with the other leg.

The most common mode of stretching to grow taller is by hanging from a horizontal bar. Make sure the horizontal bar is at a good height such that your feet don’t touch the ground. You could either hang vertically by letting your whole body suspend or you could hang upside down by bending your knees on the bar for support.

The Cat Stretch:
Keep your arms perpendicular to the ground and bend on your knees, like a cat. Breathe in and carry your head up as you bend your spinal column downwards and breathe out as you bring it up and keep your head down. Repeat this exercise at least 5 times. This is one of the most effective ways to increase height.

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